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Career Recharge: Emotional Intelligence


Career Recharge: Emotional Intelligence


March 22


06:00 pm - 07:30 pm

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Seneca College

Develop your emotional intelligence and apply its principles to foster positive professional interactions.

Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important skills to thrive in the modern workplace. It affects the way we express ourselves, develop and maintain relationships, cope with challenges and more.

In this session, we will:

  • explore the role emotional intelligence plays in your personal and professional life
  • help you identify your own emotional intelligence strengths and areas for growth
  • explain how you can develop this skill to become a better colleague, employee and leader

Led by leadership coaches Patricia Campbell Hatton and Gus Tzatzanis, join us as we explore strategies for developing your emotional intelligence. This is the second workshop in our Diversity & Inclusion: Building Stronger Workplaces series.

About the Facilitators

Gus Tzatzanis is a life long student, educator and coach in the study of Values, Critical Thinking, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership best-practices. His workshops guide individuals through theory and practical work using personal reflections and exercises to build self-awareness and gain greater happiness through personal growth. As a certified Emotional Intelligence coach, Gus leads individuals to a greater understanding of how they fit into the world, with family, friends and colleagues and learn tools to celebrate who they are.

Patricia Campbell Hatton is a highly-regarded corporate trainer, educator, professional group facilitator, project manager and emotional intelligence certified coach. Her career spans over 25 years in management, learning and development and post-secondary teaching within three iconic Canadian institutions; the non-profit sector; federal, provincial and municipal governments; and two publicly funded community colleges. Her passion is inspiring participants to develop their self-awareness and interpersonal skills – by incorporating relevant education design principles and meaningful learning experiences.

Career Recharge is pleased to offer a digital certificate of completion to individuals who attend all four virtual workshops in the Diversity and Inclusion: Building Stronger Workplaces series. Note: You must log into all workshops using the same email address in order to track participation. Certificates will be distributed after the final workshop of the series.

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