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Career Recharge: Growth Mindset


Career Recharge: Growth Mindset


September 7


06:00 pm - 07:30 pm

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Seneca College

Learn how to adopt a growth mindset and explore strategies to help you achieve personal and professional growth.

This workshop will guide you on how to unlock your growth mindset and use it to help navigate times of uncertainty or through your personal and professional development journey.

Facilitator Judy Chang will highlight the differences between a fixed and a growth mindset and demonstrate how your beliefs can influence your ability to adapt and change. She will share different techniques that you can implement to help shift your thinking as you look to recharge your career and push past your own comfort zone.

About the Facilitator

Judy Chang is an adjunct professor at Seneca teaching Effective Leadership and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. She has had over 25 years of experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry leading startup teams undergoing growth and change. She founded Pivot Perspectives, a coaching and consulting practice to help leaders to challenge their own beliefs to spark change of their own. Judy has a passion for supporting local food entrepreneurs and youth leaders.

Career Recharge is pleased to offer a digital certificate of completion to individuals who attend all four virtual workshops in the Innovation & Technology series. Note: You must log into all workshops using the same email address in order to track participation. Certificates will be distributed after the final workshop of the series.



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