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Get Money Smart in 2022: How to Plan Your Money Strategically


Get Money Smart in 2022: How to Plan Your Money Strategically

Learn how to get more out of your money in this one hour session with Ben Nash!

If you don’t have a clear plan for your money, not only are you shooting from the hip, but you’re probably leaving a heap of money on the table. And the more you earn, the more problematic it becomes, because there are more things you can be doing to get more out of what you have.

We cover the process you can use to plan your money, the steps to follow, what to look out for, and how to get started. It will give you the confidence to make the right money moves today to set up your future, how to replace your income by investing, and how to take your money game to the next level.


  • How to build a solid game plan for your money
  • How to leverage the power of money momentum to get ahead
  • How to invest smarter and manage risk at the same time

Your Presenter:

Ben Nash

Founder & Financial Adviser,

Pivot Wealth

Our Partners

Pivot Wealth

Pivot Wealth was created to help young professionals create a life that isn’t limited by money. We can help you make smarter choices, learn the rules of the game, and get more out of what you have now.

We focus on putting you in the driver’s seat so you can build a money strategy that gives you balance. Our passion is helping you find the perfect balance between living the life you want today, while you make the financial progress you want to set up your future.


SelfWealth is an independent, Australian-owned and operated company that runs Australia’s most popular low-cost share trading platform.

Based out of Melbourne, Victoria, SelfWealth is a leading Australian Fintech, helping Australians build wealth for almost a decade now through innovative technology, transparent pricing and support when their Members need it.

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