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Navigating a Testing Career – Software Testing SG


Navigating a Testing Career – Software Testing SG


BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Testing roles are more varied than ever. Join us to hear a discussion on in-demand skills and how you can navigate a career in testing.


Beth Clarke EngTech MBCS MIET, Consultant Engineer – Capgemini Engineering

Nicola Martin MBCS, Head of Quality Engineering, Adarga and Vice-Chair, BCS Software Testing Specialist Group.


18:00 – Introduction

18:10 – Career Journey and Working in Consultancy – Beth Clarke

18:25 – Navigating a Testing Career – Nicola Martin

18:40 – Discussion about Test Skills

18:50 – Q&A

19:00 – Close


Roles involving testing are now more varied than ever. If you are considering a move into testing or are currently in a testing role, come and find out about in-demand test skills, what it is like working in consultancy and how you can navigate a testing career.


Beth Clarke

Beth Clarke is an Astrophysicist turned Software Engineer working at Capgemini Engineering’s High Integrity Software Expertise Centre. Her work involved developing and testing bespoke safety critical software that keeps people safe in their everyday lives. Beth joined Capgemini Engineering in 2019 and has worked on a range of projects producing software for the rail, scientific research and satellite communications sectors. Her enthusiasm and expertise in her field led to her recognition as one of the top female engineers in the UK as a finalist in the IET’s 2020 Young Woman Engineer of the Year awards, and being recognised as a Rising Star of Women in Technology by Computer Weekly in 2021.

Nicola Martin

Nicola is currently working in the AI and Data Science field as Head of Quality Engineering at Adarga.

Nicola is passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in Software Engineering. She is a panellist and speaker with over 20 years’ experience in tech.

She mentors and coaches professionals wanting to either change or develop their careers. She is a mentor for the British Computer Society (BCS) and is also a BCS Council member and committee team member for their Special Interest Group in Software Testing (SIGiST), Pride and BCSWomen specialist groups.

She speaks at global conferences focusing on quality, testing, diversity in tech and mentoring.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

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