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“The Secrets to Successful Remote-Teaming©” January 2021


“The Secrets to Successful Remote-Teaming©” January 2021


January 28


01:00 pm - 02:00 pm

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Kenda-Le Pernin of Mark Kamin & Associates

Introduction – The Secrets to Successful Remote-Teaming©

Introduction – The Secrets to Successful Remote-Teaming©


There is a legitimate concern that working remotely decreases performance.

This perception is based on a gross misunderstanding of the nature of communication itself and what authentic communication provides.

We have perfected the art of having remote teams perform!!

Here is what we assert:

  • Talking is not communication.
  • Authentic listening creates connection which is what communication is for.
  • When people are authentically connected they do not need to be face-to-face to excel.
  • When we say connected we do mean people speaking and listening in a way that gives them the experience of being known, heard, and authentically related.
  • Managing remote teams is very straightforward when clear and effective communication is in place.
  • Clear and effective communication transforms an organization’s relationship to “team” from ordinary to profound and extraordinary.
  • Remote-Teaming© requires the fulfillment and ongoing management of accountabilities. This includes agreed outcomes, email protocols, conversation management and internal tracking systems.This 9-hour program is delivered live in 3-hour sessions via webinar.

How to work effectively and remotely:

  • Keeping everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction
  • Maintaining a high degree of integrity and accountability
  • Generating coordinated action 
  • Dealing effectively with uncertainty and change
  • Experiencing being related and connected  

Who this course is for:

  • Leaders dealing with remote teams, uncertainty, and change.
  • Any leader concerned with the efficiency and productivity of their organization as more and more people are being asked to work remotely.
  • Managers accountable for teams working remotely.
  • Project managers now working remotely.
  • Teams figuring out how to work together in this new environment.
  • Sales leaders needing new access to sales teams selling remotely.


For additional information, please contact Kenda-Le Pernin at 214-282-7905

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