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HomeToWork’s Guide to the Remote Holiday Party

HomeToWork’s Guide to the Remote Holiday Party

16 December 2020

Working in our pyjamas.
No commuting.
More time with the family.
Time to focus.

Working from home has a huge raft of benefits. But as we come up to the festive season, the office Christmas party is something that can be difficult to replicate from home. It can be hard to get in the party mood over Zoom so here’s a few ideas to keep you in the festive spirits when working from remotely.

Never, ever have I ever – home worker edition
Each team member says something that they have done – “Never, ever have I ever, pretended my laptop camera wasn’t working for a meeting because I hadn’t brushed my hair” and everyone who has – takes a drink, or a bite of a mince pie.

Who on the Team?!
Everyone sends the host and interesting fact before the party, who then reads them out for the rest of the team to guess who it is “Who on the team once saw David Bowie in a supermarket?” . A great way to get to know your colleagues a little better and you might learn something surprising.

Company Mastermind
Who is a dyed in the wool company boffin? Put a little quiz together based on your organisation.

This takes a bit of prep to make the cards, which can be sent by email. But it could be holiday themed, or remote work themed. Who got “You’re on mute!”

Scavenger hunt
Send your teammates haring around their homes looking for festive items – bauble, menorah, candy cane, etc. First one back gets the points.

Holiday Quiz
Good, old fashioned online quiz, but with a festive twist. Which country has thirteen Santa’s (P.S. It’s Iceland!)

Virtual cocoa break
The non-office Christmas party doesn’t have to be a big event. You could just round up your colleague for a virtual cocoa, or coffee, break and a chat that doesn’t revolve around the sales targets for Q4.

Dramatic Reading
If you really want to go big on the team building, get everyone to learn a few lines each of a festive poem and recite it on the call. Props, costumes and dramatic overacting encouraged!

Festive bake off
Move it to the kitchen and challenge everyone to a company-wide bake off. Gingerbread houses, sugar cookies, or encourage everyone to bake something from their own traditions.

Or if you aren’t up to being the host/hostess with the most/mostess, here are lots of companies dedicated to making your online party a success for you. From online murder mystery parties to decoration making kits there’s something for every taste.

And if you a sole trader, no need to miss out on the home office party fun – why not look for local business networking groups and offer to host an online holiday party for others in the same boat?

What ever you decide to do – Happy Holidays!

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