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The one thing that’s improved my WFH life

The one thing that’s improved my WFH life

10 May 2021

From an electronic mug that keeps coffee at just the right temperature, to fresh flowers that lift the mood, we asked the HomeToWork community for their must-have items.

Desk whiteboard
My easel whiteboard is perfect for making instant notes. It saves scrabbling around for paper and there’s the satisfaction of being able to wipe off tasks as they’re completed.
– Brian

Back massager
In lieu of an ergonomic super-chair, my little back massager doesn’t just provide a daily reminder to my back that it has a spine, but brings me infinite joy. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful, it isn’t doing anything a medical practitioner would approve of, but after too-long days at the desk, it’s a real pick-me-up.
– Ralph 

Fresh flowers
During lockdown, the outside world has seemed like a thing of the past, so bringing something outside inside really improves my mood and setting.
– Cate

Bullet journal
Keeping my bullet journal going (even with the lack of plans/uncertainty around plans) kept me grounded and retained a sense of normalcy even when the world was turning upside down. It’s also a great outlet for creativity as you create your own planners and designs and aren’t stuck with pre-populated pages and days. A plus for when you may have missed a whole week, as you just pick up where you left off (not like when the empty pages of an expensive diary haunt you).
– Annie

Beauty mist
This Elemis Superfood Kefir Mist smells amazing and makes me feel like Anna Wintour. I spray it all day long.
– Louise

Fingerless mittens
My hands get terribly cold typing, so a pair of gloves that lets me type and keep warm have been a boon.
– Wynn

Electronic mug 
Is it slightly extravagant? Yes. Is my mum utterly confused as to why I’d need one? Absolutely? Does it make every day of my working life a little bit better? 1,000%. I’ve said goodbye to those sad half-drunk cups of coffee that used to litter my desk: my Ember smart mug keeps my drink at the exact temperature I prefer, meaning I can sip happily throughout the morning. It charges via a USB cable and stays warm thanks to its coaster-style base. I would fight you if you tried to take it away.
– Clare

A cheese plant
On the day my company announced we would all be working from home for the foreseeable future, I drove to the office to collect all my worldly workplace goods: my computer, my folders… And the office cheese plant. They say plants help purify the air and promote calmer and more creative thinking. For me, it makes my home office feel like a real office. Plus it’s fun to remember the look on our security guard’s face as I tried to manhandle this giant into the back of my car.
– Wilson

My wireless headphones
I originally got these Sennheiser wireless headphones for listening to podcasts on the tube to work, but they’ve been a godsend around the house, as it means I can move around on calls without being tethered to a desktop/laptop/phone.
 – Pat

Furry slippers
One of my absolute favourite things about WFH is that I get to wear my favourite grey furry slippers all day. I can be suited and slick from the ankles up, fully prepared for that next client call. But on my feet are these warm and fuzzy slippers. They are 100x more comfortable than the high heels I would normally wear in the office. And on a grey day, they never fail to bring a smile to my face.
– Anna

Wi-fi booster
How can something so simple be so life-changing? With my Wi-Fi booster, I can now view a picture-heavy presentation while having a Teams call and downloading a podcast at the same time.
– Jayne

What has make your work from home life better? Let us know.

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