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The unexpected joys of working from home

The unexpected joys of working from home

18 January 2021

We asked the HomeToWork community to share how working from home has made their life happier. 

I’m getting a dog!
I’ve wanted a dog for years but could never justify it while I worked such long hours out of home. Now I’m around much more, I can give a dog the attention it deserves. Our beagle puppy will be here before Christmas and I’ve already worked out a schedule that will allow me to walk him twice a day. It will be nice to have a little dude around the house during the day – and my colleagues keep making me promise to put him on all my video calls! – Johnny

I use my ‘commute time’ to work out
In my old job, I spent 45 minutes commuting each way every day – often stuck in traffic and getting stressed. It felt like there was never any time to fit in a workout during the week, and at the weekends I was exhausted and unmotivated. Now I work from home, I use the time I’ve gained back to stretch my legs and go for a jog. Not only is it good for me, but I find I’m a lot more focused and relaxed during the day for having worked out first thing. – Bryan

I’ve realized I’m not an introvert after all!
When I first started working from home, I didn’t think I’d miss all the meetings or small talk in the office break room, but after a month or so I realized I did. I live alone, so I spend a lot of time in my own head and realized that I had been getting a lot of mental enrichment from my interactions with other people at work. That realization encouraged me to be more actively sociable – I call colleagues rather than send an email and have initiated a weekly catch-up with my team on a Friday afternoon where work is off the agenda. It’s a chance for us to chat and remind ourselves that we’re all people and not just names on a screen. It’s spilled over into my personal life, too – I’m much quicker at replying to my friends’ texts and am better about scheduling time to talk on the phone with them, too. – Lindsey

I saw my daughter take her first steps
My daughter is 13 months old and recently started walking. I heard my wife shout from the main room one day and I ran through to see my little girl with a huge smile on her face as she took a couple of tentative steps. I feel so lucky I was there to see it. It’s such a precious memory. – Sam

It’s brought me and my partner closer together
I have to admit, the first few weeks of lockdown were tough. I may have idly Googled divorce attorneys near me. But a few months into our new reality (my husband and I will both be homeworkers for the foreseeable future) and I’m really feeling the benefits of the enforced proximity. We no longer have the mad dash to get out of the house (“Honey, where are my keys?”) and most days we even find time to sit down together to eat our lunch. Plus, I’ve gained a newfound respect for what he actually does at work. Listening to him on a call reminds me that he’s his own person – and a very competent one, too! Best of all is 6:30pm when we both finish work for the day. Neither of us is exhausted from our commutes and we can actually have a conversation while I cook dinner. I joke that it’s a bit like we’re dating again. – Angela

What have been your unexpected joys of working at home? Let us know at


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