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The WFH barometer

The WFH barometer

04 January 2021

What’s up and what’s down in the world of homeworking this month?


More time in bed
It’s cold. It’s dark. There are two feet of snow outside. You have to go to work. OH, WAIT!

Saying goodbye to pantyhose
Perhaps the greatest gift to WFH women everywhere – swapping pantyhose for yoga pants. Ahhh. We’ve never been more comfortable.

Rebonding with your pets
No more teary goodbyes with Fido on the doorstep each morning. No more hurt looks from Fluffy when you arrive home five minutes late for her dinner (she could literally have starved to death in that time, you monster). Just one big, happy, furry family.

Hearing the doorbell
Oh, hello again, UPS man! No need to worry about not being home to receive your festive online shopping packages. Trip merrily to the front door and prepare to unwrap.

The kids are off school
How lovely to have the kids at home all day. They can play quietly with each other while you’re working. Maybe they’ll even make you a nice lunch each day. Isn’t family wonderful?


Office Christmas parties on Zoom
Sadly, the opportunities for fellow workers to humiliate themselves (surely the main point of office Christmas parties) are severely diminished when the party only happens on screen. Unless someone’s invented a virtual reality photocopier, that is.

Video game distractions
New video games have launched and productivity has plunged. Say hello to the PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox. And there’s a new Spider-Man and a new Call of Duty… Look, we’re just going to play for five more minutes, OK?

Your nemesis, Snowblower Man
He was the same guy with the leaf blower last month. He makes a lot of noise. What’s wrong with him?

The Festive 5lbs
It’s easy to pile on the pounds when festive treats abound. And that daily run/walk looks a lot less appealing in the middle of winter.

The kids are off school
Look, you two, just be quiet, I can’t even think here! Stop fighting!! You’ll have your lunch when I’m good and ready!!! Stop whining!!!! Go to your room!!!!!

What have you loved (or not-so-loved) about working from home recently? Get in touch to let us know at


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